• Powerful scientific society can be attested to through fine arts.To make people take as gospel that fine arts can be the foundation for incredible progress in the field of education.
  • Working out academic plans which would help surfacing the creativity of artists and students.
  • To render help to those,who despite of having amazing talent,find themselves helpless.
  • Our future plans are to bring in the 28 states of India,Districts and Villages and every school by granting a boon a platform in the programs being organised by our Organization.
  • Coming before with message oriented and inspiring drawing and painting competitions on various burning topics in an unique and impressive way.
  • Presiding over fine arts camps for National level Artists.
  • Bringing to public attention books with various capture on celluloid for painters.
  • Dragging into the limelight books showcasing National level painters and pencil drawing,Sketching figures,Anatomy,Freehand drawing,Model drawing,Memory drawing,Still life painting,Nature drawing,Water colors,Oil colors on canvas.
  • Coming before with art camps by well renowned artists and painters of India in metropolitan cities.