India is the Mother land for various Traditions,Cultures and Spirituality.It gave birth to many sages,hermits,ponfits and pious personalities.This precious land is abode for Arts and Puranas it gave other 64 peculiar Arts and its importance for the welfare of society.These all 64 different Arts nothing but God’s different incarnations which have possessed in this divine creature.In all these 64 Arts “Drawing” has its own importance historically.Drawing lasts long forever which depicts Natures beauty and also makes manifest inner feelings of the Artists.

       Our organization in its 9th year is leaving no stoneunturned to uphold the children for the world Peace.Our endeavour is to achieve and to come out with flying colors National Integration and National Patriotism in drawing and brush up hand writing tomorrows citizens in making them discharge their duties to the Art and follow like a sheep to the Nation.Our organization came into existence just a decade before,can make its presence felt along with other organization by leaving an indelible impression on the mind of hundreds of students across India at state and National level.We vow our gratitude for school managements, Art teachers and all and sundry who took the fort on behalf of our organisation. Mr.V.Thirumalachari the Secretary and the founder of this organization and other members associated with this organization bank upon every artist and all other participants that they should extend their co-operation in future and see that it stand tall and reach to the acme of success.

Mr.V.Thirumalachari Founder & Secretery

Founder & Secretery

We feel extremely elite to kick start an English Monthly Magazine since 2010 “Amazing Art” to usher in and bring about pictures drawn by legendary Artists.We are very thankful to Mr.KMD.Younus and Mr.B.Prasad helping through their honorary services.

About Magazine

      We are so proud to start a monthly magazine “Amazing Art”.Our culture and traditions,Vedas,Puranas,Ithihasas are trying to protect our Indian Culture.It is no wonder to say that some of the arts out of 64 have great command.It is a little trial to make it understand to protect our culture and traditions which has become a pivot to start the magazine.We would like to concentrate classical music,dance,architecture,painting besides their theoretical explanations in the magazine.This magazine stands on to draw out the inner thoughts and skills among the students.Right from the school age students may have a sort of awareness and may possess a better understanding regarding Fine Arts.It is my opinion that it may stand to give mental peace for the artists in the society for their best use.

      Introducing a great artist in every magazine,Printing the cover page with the pictures that give a message to the youth by the Editor,explanation of Sculptures Art of Indian Temples.Publish the paintings of students.Explanation of various societies and their functions.Competition conducted by various societies,explanations of Artists and their life stages,Government opportunities regarding Arts,Vocational Educational Training’s in Arts and Moral stories ,this magazine can be used as a guide for the exams in drawing lower and higher,special tests/examinations,entrance exams in Bachelor of Fine Arts conducted by the Government.

Pass on this Information

  Indian Art,culture and traditions are the basics for Indianism.But the tragedy is this great culture is vanishing gradually.To save and to protect it Amazing Art magazine has been started.To give an idea on culture,tradition and to prevail the same is our motivation.Your co-operation enhances and encourages our work.It may be your contribution in protecting our culture.

    It is our hope that you would arrange culture programes and pass on the information about talents of students and their achievements to the desk of Amazing Arts.We request the Govt.and Private School managements.Art Societies,Organizations exhibitions,celebrations related to painting and drawing to our notice to be printed in our Monthly Magazine for free of cost.

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